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Portfolio Management


When it comes to investing we are all unique. Montpelier adopts a bespoke approach to each of our clients and tailors our advice to suit your investment specification. The initial risk analysis will determine your investment profile allowing our experts to create a portfolio for you that suits your risk preference and future requirements

Whether you are looking to save for a rainy day; your child’s future education; your retirement or that dream holiday you’ve always wanted, we can help build your capital in accordance with your established profile.

Some individuals are looking for assistance to build a sum of money for a specific goal within their life timeline, whilst many are simply seeking to achieve higher growth on their savings. Whatever it is, your goal can be accommodated via our professional service.

Retirement Planning


It's common knowledge that when it comes to retirement it's not how much you earned, but how much you saved that will determine the quality of life in your golden years. All our advisers are professionally qualified to analyse your current financial position and help establish the best course of action to accomplish your retirement goals.

If you are from the United Kingdom, or a foreign national who has spent many years working there, there may be an opportunity to take control of your frozen pension and maximise its growth potential. There are many benefits to moving your pension to a tax neutral country including: Increased Pension commencement lump sum, increased spouses benefit and gross distribution of funds.

Estate Planning


Trusts have been around since the Middle Ages, where they were used for the control and protection of land. Today, the benefits of creating a trust are recognized throughout the world, especially in countries that have a legal system based on common law principles. Trusts have been instrumental in controlling vast amounts of wealth, most notably through the pension funds industry, through unit trusts, and through the many charitable trusts.

Trusts are still considered an important tax-planning tool. When combined with an offshore bond, the trust/bond arrangement can offer a number of attractive tax planning features. With the correct structure, a trust can assist in preserving family wealth, and help to reduce families’ exposure to inheritance tax.

Asset & Personal Protection


Ensuring that you and your family are well protected is the corner stone to any financial plan; maintaining your ability to provide the lifestyle that you and your family have become accustomed to is of utmost importance.


Through consultation with your financial adviser you can work out the best approach to cover what you feel is necessary. With services ranging from Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover to Income Protection and Medical Insurance, you can be sure that you'll be well covered for any of life's twists or turns.

The facts and figures surrounding this topic have been told to us over and over again however, the true impact of such a tragedy is not apparent until it strikes someone in our family. With proper pre-planning you can make your financial future as sound as possible.

Managed Savings


Choosing the right savings plan to suit your needs is a daunting choice. With so many options available how do you pick the right one? Montpelier is here to help guide you through this difficult process.

Montpelier are able to help people create savings plans for a wide variety of reasons and each plan we set up is totally unique to the client. Whether the reason for your savings plan is to provide you with the retirement your always dreamed of, the education your child deserves, Montpelier is able to give you the correct advice and management.

From our experience the problem most people have is they are simply too busy with their careers and families to do the necessary planning and management of their savings. This is especially true for expatriates who often have more demanding jobs, or the added difficulties of living in a foreign country.



Offshore banking has many advantages for expatriates such as easy, global access as well as high levels of confidentiality and security.

Offshore banking is simply banking for expatriates in a jurisdiction other than the one in which you live, or have citizenship or residency.  As an independent company Montpelier are able to choose from a variety of the best banking institutions around the world.

We primarily focus on Banks based in highly regulated, confidential jurisdictions such as the Isle of Man, Guerney and Jersey. These jurisdictions are widely regarded as the safest and most stable offshore financial centres in the world. This reputation provides bank that are domiciled there with many benefits, and peace of mind to their customers.

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