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Property Services

Due to the increasing demand and popularity of Property Services, we find ourselves more and more involved in opening avenues for expatriates to be able to buy or invest in property. Working together with our UK based partners APW, we are now able to assist with :


Building a ‘buy to let’ property portfolio:

Easy to buy and easy to finance, low priced but high yielding properties in fast developing areas of the UK, with guaranteed rental incomes to pay off mortgages. Full flexibility on deposit payments and multiple buys possible. This also includes the ability to purchase both completed and non-completed ‘distressed’ properties which can be as low as 15% below market value.

Residential Property Investment and Management:

Introducing you to securing valuable, high yielding, traditional property in vibrant city centre locations. These services include identifying on and off-market property opportunities, fixed cost renovations to increase yield and capital value, bespoke furnishing packages and a full, ongoing property management service. This also provides expert knowledge and innovative investment services suitable for single properties, high performing portfolios and residential funds.

Fixed Term Bonds:

Providing you with a way to invest in various property bonds. These vary from companies who offer private investors the chance to invest in property developments in the residential property market e.g. in the South East of England to provide sustainable and high quality affordable homes, to those that offer the opportunity to subscribe to a fixed income bond which provides funding to facilitate residential and Supported Housing development projects (Fully FCA regulated).  The property bonds offer returns from 6%–12.5% per annum, and the terms can range from 1–5 years depending on the provider and type of investment bond.

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